The Piston Power Concept

Demolition and Construction

D-Line in demolition attachment. Enables high force performance at lower weight and faster operation.

General Market

G-Line in all applications where soft controlled lifting is required.


PistonPower cartridge amplifiers enable up to 30% reduction of cylinder size with higher force available.

No high pressure hoses or connections are needed. The high pressure design reduces the cylinder diameter and high pressure is kept inside the cylinder.

High pressure performance in any application

PistonPower application engineering supports your design phase in order to differentiate your machine by increasing performance on key functions and simplifying the total hydraulic system design.

High pressure systems
are a thing of the past

No more extensive engineering, high pressure components, or complex rules/regulations.

PistonPower is moving the industry forward, integrating high pressure inside the cylinder and eliminating the need for high pressure installations.

Features and benefits

  • ForceShift™ amplifier, from low system pressure to high pressure inside the cylinder
  • Automatically activated increased pressure at large workload – improved machine performance, higher work output and reducing energy consumption
  • Full pump flow at normal workload with increased speed and reduced cycle time with more work done per hour
  • Embedded functions with load holding safety valve integrated in the amplifier
  • High power density for reduced application weight
  • Install & operate – no changes required in machine design enabling lower cost of total system and lower application weight

We always support our customers in being technology leaders in their market. The PistonPower amplifier is a perfect example of how our customers can benefit of a technology that reaches into the future. The PistonPower amplifier is a game changer in hydraulics.

Giuseppe Lodi,
Managing Director, Bibus Italy