Save money

PistonPower cartridge amplifiers enable up to 30% reduction of cylinder size with higher force available.

No high pressure hoses or connections are needed. The high pressure design reduces the cylinder diameter and high pressure is kept inside the cylinder.

High pressure performance in any application

PistonPower application engineering supports your design phase in order to differentiate your machine by increasing performance on key functions and simplifying the total hydraulic system design.

Reduce weight and Increase speed

Increase stroke speed up to 3x, while reducing weight up to 50%. The reduced oil volume in the cylinder increase the speed at the same flow.

Reduce cylinder cost
Maintain force and stroke

PistonPower cartridge amplifiers enable 30% reduction of cylinder size without impacting force and stroke.

Cost reduction

Green line: Increase pressure from 150 to 400 bar.
Red line: Increase pressure from 300 to 700 bar.

Reducing cylinder piston diameters nets significant cost reduction – the bigger the cylinder, the bigger the cost reduction

The PistonPower amplifier includes a load holding valve and counter balance feature set to each applications needs – reducing leak points and increasing total savings.

Examples of cylinder cost reduction