Maximize productivity
What is the goal for your hydraulic cylinder?

The PistonPower cartridge amplifier enables cylinder size reduction while achieving high force.
No external high pressure components are needed as the amplified pressure is kept inside of the cylinder. Integration of cartridge amplifier enables to design your hydraulic cylinder in three different ways:

Use the calculator below to see what configuration works best for you:

Downscale the system
What is the goal for your hydraulic system?

From a low pressure system to a high pressure solution: High pressure system design normally requires extensive engineering and the use of expensive high pressure components. Furthermore, the design must take safety regulations into account. With PistonPower integrated high pressure solution confines the high pressure inside the cylinder and no high pressure installations are therefore needed.
This results in lower total system cost and complexity.

1. Traditional corner point design
Traditional limit for design of hydraulic system and choice of power source.

2a. New design point
Design for lower energy consumption with lower system pressure and reduced size of power source. Key functions reach 250 bar (bypass mode – amplifier not activated).

2b. High Pressure design point
New limit for design with high pressure and increased cylinder force. Key functions reach up to 700 bar (amplification mode – amplifier activated).