Application for PistonPower cartridge amplifier –
Where it shines

Application in demolition markets

PistonPower CA is already establishing itself in the market of demolition excavator attachments, where using cylinders with integrated pressure amplifier brings the competive advantage of providing higher force in a smaller package. The favorable impact of the decreased demolition tool weight becomes even more important when used with high reach excavators.

Smaller cylinder size means also higher closing/opening speed which reduces the overall cycle time and together with extra force makes the demolition job faster so that the contractor can move on to the next one!

The result is a force of a larger demolition tool with the speed, size and weight of a smaller one.
Please check out our calculator to see what configuration works best for you.

Application in industrial markets

Any other applications can benefit too as long as they have the requirements for:

  • high force
  • high stroke speed
  • outer restrictions to size or weight of the cylinder
  • and the right duty cycle (high force not required most of the stroke or most of the time)

Examples from the new projects include scrap cutters & balers, waste compactors & balers and filter & extraction presses.

PistonPower was born on innovation and the innovation never stops. The expansion of the product range towards the smaller sizes is in progress to bring the high pressure along with all the benefits also to the small cylinders and machines (e.g. demolition robots, industrial handheld cutting tools).

PistonPower is a proud member of EDA (European Demolition Association), DA (Deutscher Abbruchverband) and a recipient of an Innovation Award in the Tools & Attachments category from the World Demolition Summit in 2019.