About PistonPower

Inspired by the importance of a gearbox in a car, I got the idea of introducing automatic “gearshift” in standard hydraulic cylinders. PistonPower is bringing my idea to market.

Jorgen M. Clausen, Entrepreneur & Innovator

This was the idea of PistonPower’s founder, Jorgen Clausen who observed that as all cars have gearbox allowing them to choose between speed and torque, so the hydraulic cylinders should have their “gearbox” to select between speed and force on demand. PistonPower brings this idea to the market with the Cartridge Amplifier (CA) that is using the pressure amplification technology in a novel way to add value proposition to the standard hydraulic cylinders.

We’re proud that our project PowerCylinder has received funding under EU LIFE program. Please read more about our EU LIFE Project.

PistonPower is a proud member of EDA (European Demolition Association), DA (Deutscher Abbruchverband) and a recipient of an Innovation Award in the Tools & Attachments category from the World Demolition Summit in 2019.

Management Team

Paolo Fontana

Bernhard Wagner

Juraj Bittner
Business Development Manager

Jozef Brídzik
Production & Supply Chain Manager

Martin Lavrinc
Engineering Manager