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What is the goal of your system?


The game changer in hydraulics. The PISTONPOWER cartridge amplifier enables cylinder size reduction while keeping the same force


No external high pressure components are needed as the amplified pressure is kept inside of the cylinder. Integration of cartridge amplifier enables to design your system in three different ways:


The high pressure on machine key functions is automatically activated when required at high workload. The maximum system pressure can be adjusted at time of assembly.

Performance characteristics:

1. Full pump flow from system piston pump at normal workload

2. Full pump flow from system gear pump at normal workload

3. High pressure at high workload


The innovative high pressure technology


New limits for high pressure system design


From a low pressure system to a high pressure solution

High pressure system design normally requires extensive engineering and the use of high pressure components. Furthermore, the design must take rules and regulations into account. With PISTONPOWER integrated high pressure solution confines the high pressure inside the cylinder and no high pressure installations are therefore needed.


PISTONPOWER enables you to eliminate system over-design

1. Traditional corner point design

Traditional limit for design of hydraulic system and choice of power source.

2a. New design point

Design for lower energy consumption with lower system pressure and reduced size of power source. Key functions reach 250 bar (bypass mode - amplifier not activated).

2b. High Pressure design point

New limit for design with high pressure and increased cylinder force. Key functions reach up to 700 bar (amplification mode - amplifier activated).


What’s new – the game changer


The PISTONPOWER high pressure amplifier is integrated within the cylinder piston rod - with pressure on demand, full flow by-pass, and embedded load holding valve


Easy to install and operate, achieve high pressure performance without changes in the hydraulic system

  • Easy to install, robust and innovative design
  • Cylinder connection ports located on the piston rod eye
  • Increase pressure in the cylinder without changing hydraulic system design
  • No high pressure hoses or connections needed, high pressure is kept inside the cylinder
  • Designed for cylinder lifetime – serviced along with the sealing




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